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Welcome to the wonderful world of crossover fiction!

For quite some time I have been wanting to do this, to dedicate a part of "Beckers Sidekick Website", most specifically the fan fiction section, to stories which feature Iolaus, Gabrielle, Hercules and Xena in crossover fiction. No, not just my own or other stories that appear on BSW but stories written by fans on other websites. I'm not greedy! I say if it's out there let the fans know!

What you are going to find on the following pages are reviews and impressions I get from certain fiction(s) which feature Iolaus and Gabrielle -- and links to show where you can find these wonderful stories! If at all possible I may also have an interview with the writer of the story(ies). I'm one of those people who love to hear the "story behind the story" and hope you feel the same!

I hope you enjoy this experiment. Be sure to send an e-mail to let me know what you think (or to contribute articles, links and ideas). I'll be updating as frequently as I can, so check back often!

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This page was created to help, inform and entertain fans of crossover fiction and Iolaus & Gabrielle. It is not my intent to harm anyone, be it actor-actress, character, author or any whom hold the rights to XENA, WARRIOR PRINCESS or HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS.
Again, we are here to help, inform and entertain.

More to come .....

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